Chip Neville, MFA - Chips Ecofesto

Chip Neville - Ecology Manifesto

The earth is a grand gift for all who would like to more fully experience it. This gift is being sullied at a remarkable pace in this modern era. We must recognize that species and resources once consider infinite, are now in great danger. What once seemed endlessly bountiful to us is now finite because of the scale of new industrial machinery. Skies full of passenger pigeons, buffalo and schools of menhaden no longer blacken the sky of fill the seas.

Sadly, there seems to be a conflict between those who would use these resources sustainably and those who would use it all in one grand extraction of resources for profit. Truly the old adage of the homesteaders and the ranchers continues today in these modern terms. The stakes are very high now with more species going extinct every day.

I believe humans have the power, and the technology, to use sustainable practices that will improve watersheds, diminish pollution and rehabilitate animal populations. There does have to be a shift in the usage paradigm for us to move forward in a positive direction. That is why I have outlined the concepts in my very own ecology manifesto. Enjoy!


1 - Leave No Trace

This is the Boy Scout philosophy. There should be no one who does not respect the common areas by taking all of their refuse with them as they go. The accumulation of refuse in the environment is causing great damage to all species on the planet. We are the most in control and therefore able to do something about the problem.

Images from Series on Red Tide and examination of cause and effect.

2 - Clean Up

In addition to leaving no trace a person must do the work others don't. When people leave refuse behind it is the responsibility of those who care to fill in. Always bring an extra trash bag for when you come upon the pile of beer cans or fire-pit full of broken glass.

More images from Series on Red Tide.


3 - Recycle

There is a ridiculous amount of consumer waste in packaging and contents. It is crucial the everyone recycle aluminum, paper, plastic and especially electronics and chemistry. All of these items are destroying the purity of our water and soil. Even if we are guilty of being in the culture that produces this waste we can still reverse the trend of damage by recycling and petitioning the consumer goods market to reduce unneeded and excessive packaging.

Human detritus has opportunities for a second life.

4 - Educate

People who don't know must be shown the grandeur of our world through compelling media. People who must understand the shared responsibility to the great common areas we share. Our leaders must understand the monetary value of un regulated spaces like our oceans. They must know what the acceptable practices are regarding shared resources. Young children must be introduced to the idea of intrinsic value. That these areas we share like coral reefs, fisheries, estuaries, fields, prairies, forests, and mountains, are priceless, and we must do everything to preserve them for our children's grandchildren.

Education about the value of the environment is crucial. How to interact responsibly within in the environment is equally important. This is knowledge that is best handed down from generation to generation.

5 - Legislate

Even if we do all we can to educate people on the intrinsic value of the environment and its benefits, the economic impact of ecotourism, or the critical value of contaminant free air and water and their economic impact on the healthcare system, there will be those intent on misusing the commons. These are truly plunderers and pirates who have no regard for the common good or the future people who will inherit this earth. They only see the benefit to themselves and will decimate a fishery, or inject chemistry and waste into the water table. These forces MUST be stopped. IF they can't be stopped they must be curtailed. Only a sustainable approach to resource management must be the law of the land. Please vote into office, write, call, and meet with legislators that know the tangible economic, and intrinsic values of a healthy environment.

Know the problems know the political solutions. Get active and engaged.

6 - Preserve

As commercial and personal ownership of land especially in critically valuable areas, becomes available it should be purchased by government and added to a new great common areas. These should be areas free of commercial and exploitive pressures. These areas should be available to all and owned by none. These areas must be revered by all and used as such. That is with great reverence and restraint. One must give back for what one takes and understand the cumulative impact of our increasing population. Take only when needed. Give back. Give to the purchase and resoration of common lands.

The great beauty of our land is worth preserving for intrinsic reasons alone.


7 - Enjoy!

How can we know the value of the great commons without experiencing them first hand. How can our current culture begin to know why not to plunder and waste the wild areas until they experience the majesty. Until we've bathed in the oceans and rivers, until we've climbed the hills and mountains, and flown across the expanses, only then will we value enough to preserve our common heritage.

The true gift of our world is to experience it.



I have made my primary income as a college instructor for over 15 years. I have experience teaching all ages from primary through post secondary. I can confrortably convey complex information effectively to a variety of age groups and academic levels. My specialties are digital audio, image manipulation, illustration, digital paint, digital video, digital visual FX, traditional and digital animation, and art foundations.

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