Chip Neville - Animation

Chip Neville - Animator

Animation is one of my first great loves. Growing up I was a big fan of Classic Warner Brothers animation as were so many in my generation. I was particularly fond of the use of music in series like Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies. Unfortunately in my early years the technology to make animation of any substance was not easily available for the unfunded independent. Still undeterred, I animated as many Post-it Pads as I could find out of pure love for the medium. Some of those still suvive today on this page (Montage 1). for me as an animator that was where the rubber met the road. To be an professional animator in thiose days meant leaving my beloved Florida and move to Burbank or Toronto. Fortunately I found lots of good work as an illustrator in the publishing business. Finally in the late 1990s the technology became available for me to produce my own animated sequences with sound. I began early working with animated gifs and then as the software evolved used Macromedia Director, Toon Boom, and most recently Flash and Aftereffects.



Flash seemed like the answer to all my animation dreams in the early 2000s. I spent a lot of time making vector images move with the efficient tools in Flash. Unfortunately I was never able to lock down the audio stream satisfactorily as something I could rely on. I eventually stopped focusing all my animation efforts in Flash. After Effects and other DV based animation engines exporting video files proved to be far more stable that native Flash exports when viewed. I still used Flash but when Apple stopped supporting Flash player on its portable devices that chilled my interests in using Flash player to present any content. That is how this website went from an illustrative animated Flash site to a grid based html page.

Still images from Epoch episodes Dino TV and Aurthurs Breakfast.

Videos of Epoch - Arthurs Breakfast, and Tales From Suburbia - Home In Time for Dinner


Still images from The Ballad of Skunk Ape. While originally a pencil test The Ballad of Skunk Ape is in the laborious process of being converted into color vector cells for animation in flash or Aftereffects or both.


Motion Graphics and AE animation

As I began to move away from animating exclusively in Flash, I found Adobe After Effects to be very capable and much more reliable. If not in production definitely in export and exposition. It didn't take long for me to begin experimenting with digital video sequences instead or in addition to hand drawn or vector drawn animation. Soon I found great creative satisfaction in exploring the abstract side of video compositing. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Python Boot and Dream Marina videos are a good example of those efforts. Using software like Aftereffects and Premier and Final cut Pro also gave me creative tools to create standard video work like 2006s Impermeable Surfaces.

Composit videos Series on Red Tide II, and Prelude to the Afternoon of a Python Boot.

Traditional Animation

Because of my love of drawing, traditional animation holds so much interest for me. To make my drawings move on the page. It has the tactile sense that I am attracted to while drawing and painting. For instance I frequently use ball point pen in my sketchbooks largely because of the soothing feel and smell of that ink laden roller ball skating all over a nice piece of bound illustration paper. The eraser and pencil as well as the character of the paper are all part of the process that for me eventually leads to a great image. All my best digital images start with a hand drawn prototype.

For those reasons and more traditional hand drawn or stop motion animation will always be one of my pursuits. It is the warmth of the process and the texture of the image that attract me to this medium. Though not as efficient as digitally dependent forms of animation, hand drawn animation will always look the most natural. This is not to say I am above using digital technology to assist hand drawing. Quite the contrary digital software is immensely useful when laying out, compositing and compiling animation of any kind. The source of the image rendering however is most expressively rendered by the human hand even if that hand wields a stylus on a tab device

Montage (Post-it Pad flip book) and the Toy Gets Even.

Back When I waz a kid compilation and Skunk Ape pencil test.

Hand Drawing animation



I have made my primary income as a college instructor for Almost twenty years. I have experience teaching all ages from primary through post secondary. I can confrortably convey complex information effectively to a variety of age groups and academic levels. My specialties are digital audio, image manipulation, illustration, digital paint, digital video, digital visual FX, traditional and digital animation, and art foundations.

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