Chip Neville, MFA - Artist/Musician

Chip Neville - Short Autobiography

I am a digital media professional and academic with a rich and diverse creative practice. I am classically trained in both the visual arts and music. I have been teaching graphic design, digital audio, digital video, and animation, at the college level for almost twenty years. In addition to my academic foundation, I have a 20 year professional career in the graphic design industry. My personal work uses various visual, and audio medium in support of my creative interests. I have a well established record of success in these areas.

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Chip Neville is a musician and new media artist working both traditional and electronic mediums. His work covers a diverse set of topics ranging from humor to politics with an emphasis on local environmental issues. Chip has worked for over 20 years as an Art Director, illustrator and graphic designer producing work for both public and private employers. Most notably he was art Director, and primary illustrator for more than twenty internationally published, award winning children’s books.

As an traditional, and new media artist Chip has worked with local art organizations such as the Salvador Dali Museum, and The Tampa Museum of Art. He has exhibited work at film festivals and galleries locally, and across the country showing experimental video, photography, animation, and video installation combined with performance. Chip has written and performed music with the Tampa Artist and Writer's Group, Tampa Bay Composer’s forum, performed as a guitarist and singer in musical ensembles. He has also worked teaching guitar and music lessons privately and through the USF Community Music Division.

While active in the local music and arts community, Chip Neville has most recently been working as a college instructor. He specializes in graphic design, animation, digital audio, video production, and visual theory. He is currently teaching digital audio and graphic design at the St. Petersburg College Seminole campus. Previously he worked for the Art Institute of Tampa, and instructed in various capacities on the faculties of the International Academy of Design and Technology (Tampa), University of South Florida, and the University of Tampa.

Artist’s Statement

 The title bar of my web page says Artist/Musician. Truly this is the only way to describe my creative activities unless perhaps you were to add traditional/digital. That indeed would lay a better foundation for discussing my work. Early on my career spanned that transition from analogue systems to digital technology where all things converge. This gave a lot to the direction and medium of my creative pursuits.

The themes in my work tend mostly towards cultural critique, and advocacy for environmental issues through humor and allegory. I frequently synthesize my surroundings into reflections or commentary on my experiences. Contrarily work in life drawings is quite objective and void of excess technique or commentary.

To give some more specific examples of themes in my visual work, I am very fond of visual figure ground reversal, hidden imagery and optical effects. I tend towards abstraction with strong color and rich textures. I employ a wide variety of medium ranging from metal and wood sculpture, to optics, electronics, and mechanical details. I may use acrylic paint, block printing, pen and ink, pencil, or Adobe Illustrator, digital cameras, and Photoshop to create imagery.

Musically I work as both a performer and as a composer. As a performer I again work with abstraction, replete in the videos of the electronic duo Dream Marina, or more objectively, in the classic rock cover band Echo Pulse. My compositional pursuits are primarily in the "singer songwriter" genre. I would explain that to mean, I create verbal stories which are to be sung and accompanied by parlor instruments such as guitar or ukulele. The reductive nature and potential for intimacy of the form is perhaps what I find the most compelling.

I find many things I do creatively are to achieve a sense of overall balance. My use of digital technology combined with traditional methods seems to give my portfolio a greater richness. Something like projecting digital video in an installation has seemed to produce this balance. It creates a space where I can freely move between the works visual, audio, physical and temporal spaces.

Ultimately there is best no separation between what I do musically visually, or sculpturally. This approach to medium and technology allow me to find new goals in my creative work. Those goals are to communicate more than a word, more than a look, an idea so sublime that only the arts can express it.




ecological advocacy

Much of my creative work is a reflection of my experience with my local environment. As an avid boater and fisherman, as someone who loves to camp and explore, I have witnesses the ravages of over development, bad infrastructure, and poor city planning. I have some articles on how together, we may tackle these issues. Click below if you would like to find out more.

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